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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
383 3 days ago KeyError: 'six' in pkg_resources chatting tiangong  
313 1 week ago program does not compile on Windows 7 64 bits with neither of python installations 3.5, 2.7, and Anaconda python 2.7 chatting dutchrob  
384 1 week ago ImportError: No module named 'logging' chatting tw  
307 1 week ago Import Error: No module named os chatting djpugh  
272 1 week ago Several troubles with OSX chatting rboulanger kayhayen
334 1 week ago Can't handle code with numba.jit() deferred CheeseLord  
390 1 week ago Error with handling locals() in nested functions chatting asovetnikov kayhayen
389 1 week ago Python crashing on compiled module when importing tornado.web chatting luis  
392 1 week ago TypeError: unbound compiled_method __new__() must be called with NuitkaIntEnumTest instance as first argument (got EnumMeta instance instead) testing desowin desowin
393 3 weeks ago Memory leak: PyQt5 objects containing connected slots are never collected chatting univibe  
317 4 months ago Nuitka is not working on musl libc deferred frol kayhayen
309 4 months ago Standalone: Nuitka does not include stdlib that has no bytecode files chatting dmilinevskyi  
381 5 months ago Windows: Program not working with --windows-disable-console for ZODB based app chatting jollypk  
327 5 months ago Simple code twice as slow in nuitka as cpython in-progress lesshaste kayhayen
303 5 months ago Undefined references (PyUnicodeUCS2 related) in trivial linux build attempt chatting russ  
377 5 months ago UnicodeEncodeError in lib\ chatting jer70 jer70
257 5 months ago MacOS: can't create standalone with python 3.5 venv chatting bitwisecook  
361 8 months ago Nuitka and Selenium need-eg pslifeisgood pslifeisgood
354 8 months ago Fails when kernel arch and userspace arch don't match deferred drk  
364 8 months ago Problems with importing Tkinter and Pydub modules, doesn't create executable. chatting Bionicobot  
370 8 months ago High private bytes memory usage with async def coroutines chatting marcel kayhayen
371 8 months ago Multiprocessing ImportError on python >= 3.6.0 chatting jeremy  
341 15 months ago Generator objects and generator functions do not always have same code object flags testing fussel kayhayen
343 16 months ago Multiprocessing with ipyparallel unread CheeseLord  
335 16 months ago Standalone/--recurse-all --recurse-stdlib still have dependencies testing Varriount kayhayen
336 16 months ago --recurse-directory doesn't work for django apps unread nick  
330 16 months ago Crosscompilation using wine chatting Andre  
324 17 months ago wxPython standalone application on OSX: Framework build unread jonaspf  
315 18 months ago Cant execute resulting build from windows command prompt chatting djastro  
318 18 months ago openpyxl breaks standalone build chatting oyster oyster
316 19 months ago Segmentation fault on AltLinux, but work on Windows and "python" chatting lomaster lomaster
314 20 months ago Package contents ignored if not imported in deferred mattpepin  
87 23 months ago no support for Py_GetArgcArgv testing nssh  
200 23 months ago Standalone missing parts of tkinter chatting joakimo kayhayen
297 24 months ago warnings module does not work after compilation chatting hean  
295 24 months ago Standalone on Linux with Anacaonda - no Python .so library in .dist folder testing jrenner  
291 25 months ago Linux PyQt5+QML standalone app chatting clitchi  
290 25 months ago compilation problem on windows with pygi module unread addierobotics  
289 25 months ago Scons config misses python binary under Anaconda in-progress kyzyl kayhayen
191 25 months ago Nuitka breaks PyQt5 threads on python3 (help wanted) chatting hawk  
238 25 months ago segmentation fault when importing a compiled package into a compiled program chatting jimr kayhayen
283 26 months ago paramiko not working with nuitka chatting hoangthehung kayhayen
285 26 months ago paramiko issue chatting hoangthehung kayhayen
275 26 months ago wampserver crashes at mid-execution: websocket issue? chatting  
258 26 months ago site-packages warning chatting marc.jofre kayhayen
262 26 months ago swapFiber segmentation fault in 0.5.16 done-cbb hamilyon kayhayen
259 27 months ago Multiprocessing Win64 Thread chatting marc.jofre  
274 27 months ago pyqt5 based app not portable to other machine in standalone mode chatting rboulanger  
267 28 months ago Nuitka fails to execute PySide applications using QAbstractTableModel chatting cryzed  
265 28 months ago Installing Nuitka using Python 3.4 in a Windows virtualenv creates erroneous batch files chatting cryzed kayhayen
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