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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
268 7 hours ago os.chdir() does not work chatting athrun kayhayen
267 2 days ago Nuitka fails to execute PySide applications using QAbstractTableModel chatting cryzed  
265 4 days ago Installing Nuitka using Python 3.4 in a Windows virtualenv creates erroneous batch files chatting cryzed kayhayen
263 5 days ago standalone app does not collect all dependent files properly chatting xiangli  
266 5 days ago Installing Nuitka using Python 3.4 in a virtualenv on Windows failed testing cryzed kayhayen
259 1 week ago Multiprocessing Win64 Thread chatting marc.jofre  
225 1 week ago Requests and SSL certificate errors deferred grippa kayhayen
241 2 weeks ago Standalone: fails to include required libs in chatting sgoodwin kayhayen
262 2 weeks ago swapFiber segmentation fault in 0.5.16 chatting hamilyon kayhayen
258 1 month ago site-packages warning chatting marc.jofre kayhayen
251 1 month ago Problems running under wine chatting univerz kayhayen
214 1 month ago Python module: copy_reg orphan module imports in nutika done-cbb marc.jofre  
257 1 month ago can't create standalone with python 3.5 chatting bitwisecook  
255 1 month ago Standalone built application looking for files in "//lib/python2.7/config/" unread initialed85  
136 1 month ago Standalone: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed! chatting desmoulinmichel kayhayen
250 1 month ago Segmentation fault on OSX El Capitan with a simple hello world script chatting faxioman  
124 1 month ago String concatenation Performance chatting jiamo kayhayen
243 2 months ago MacOS: IOError DLL not found on OSX Anaconda Python testing cjrh cjrh
246 2 months ago required dependency missing chatting tw tw
247 2 months ago ImportError: No module named 'concurrent.futures._base' chatting dipeit  
226 2 months ago Problem with too complex code in idna.core module testing obeleh kayhayen
242 2 months ago Standalone: Problem on windows with pygobject testing alfazaz alfazaz
206 2 months ago Pyside Errors chatting carmelov kayhayen
239 2 months ago Script compiled by Nuitka is unable to interpret non ascii characters in command line arguments chatting davidbaack kayhayen
238 3 months ago segmentation fault when importing a compiled package into a compiled program chatting jimr  
234 3 months ago PyQt4 QImage does not load files chatting Ladomyr  
231 3 months ago Windows: Package import fails when binary is located in path with non-ascii characters testing johan kayhayen
230 3 months ago Problem importing ZODB namespace module testing rboulanger kayhayen
200 3 months ago Standalone missing parts of tkinter chatting joakimo kayhayen
91 3 months ago I'm looking for a Twisted example chatting obeleh kayhayen
224 3 months ago Random error messages from compiled BorgBackup chatting pguth kayhayen
223 3 months ago fails to import logging (regression) done-cbb ralsina kayhayen
199 4 months ago Windows: Unknown error with mt.exe occurs. chatting jusan jusan
208 4 months ago Cannot import flask related module chatting kinwolf kayhayen
221 4 months ago Problem with nuitka and logging chatting ralsina  
210 4 months ago Plugin: wsgiref done-cbb marc.jofre  
215 4 months ago Freezing on compiling large dictionary in sqlparse testing sgoodwin kayhayen
217 4 months ago pywintypes done-cbb marc.jofre  
135 5 months ago Encoding problem, "idna" missing done-cbb desmoulinmichel kayhayen
201 5 months ago Problem no standalone executable generated windows (help wanted) chatting oscar.micheli kayhayen
212 5 months ago pywintypes: _win32sysloader done-cbb marc.jofre  
213 5 months ago There is problem when no ascii unicode unread duhan  
209 5 months ago Does nuitka support QtGui.QMovie ? chatting athrun kayhayen
191 5 months ago Nuitka breaks PyQt5 threads on python3 (help wanted) chatting hawk  
190 5 months ago Import socket, django, os, sys and memory RAM efficiency done-cbb marc.jofre  
207 6 months ago agw/aui chatting paulatcliffe  
169 7 months ago Standalone: import tables run ImportError: LoadLibraryEx done-cbb marc.jofre kayhayen
198 7 months ago Outside writes to builtiin names of a module are not taken into account chatting thimo kayhayen
183 7 months ago Standard library packages "__path__" are not lists, and not paths in standalone mode chatting alex_hu kayhayen
142 10 months ago wxPython not working (waiting for upstream) deferred bosmart bosmart
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