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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
219 2 hours ago multiprocessing.forking testing marc.jofre kayhayen
250 12 hours ago Segmentation fault on OSX El Capitan with a simple hello world script unread faxioman  
241 yesterday Standalone: fails to include required libs in chatting sgoodwin kayhayen
124 7 days ago String concatenation Performance chatting jiamo kayhayen
248 7 days ago Compiled executable cannot find itself (when not in the current directory) deferred Jellby kayhayen
243 1 week ago MacOS: IOError DLL not found on OSX Anaconda Python testing cjrh cjrh
246 1 week ago required dependency missing chatting tw tw
247 1 week ago ImportError: No module named 'concurrent.futures._base' chatting dipeit  
226 3 weeks ago Problem with too complex code in idna.core module testing obeleh kayhayen
242 3 weeks ago Standalone: Problem on windows with pygobject testing alfazaz alfazaz
206 1 month ago Pyside Errors chatting carmelov kayhayen
239 1 month ago Script compiled by Nuitka is unable to interpret non ascii characters in command line arguments chatting davidbaack kayhayen
238 1 month ago segmentation fault when importing a compiled package into a compiled program chatting jimr  
234 1 month ago PyQt4 QImage does not load files chatting Ladomyr  
231 1 month ago Windows: Package import fails when binary is located in path with non-ascii characters testing johan kayhayen
230 1 month ago Problem importing ZODB namespace module testing rboulanger kayhayen
200 1 month ago Standalone missing parts of tkinter chatting joakimo kayhayen
225 1 month ago Requests and SSL certificate errors deferred grippa kayhayen
91 2 months ago I'm looking for a Twisted example chatting obeleh kayhayen
224 2 months ago Random error messages from compiled BorgBackup chatting pguth kayhayen
223 2 months ago fails to import logging (regression) done-cbb ralsina kayhayen
199 2 months ago Windows: Unknown error with mt.exe occurs. chatting jusan jusan
214 2 months ago Python module: copy_reg orphan module imports in nutika chatting marc.jofre  
208 2 months ago Cannot import flask related module chatting kinwolf kayhayen
221 2 months ago Problem with nuitka and logging chatting ralsina  
210 2 months ago Plugin: wsgiref done-cbb marc.jofre  
215 2 months ago Freezing on compiling large dictionary in sqlparse testing sgoodwin kayhayen
217 2 months ago pywintypes done-cbb marc.jofre  
135 4 months ago Encoding problem, "idna" missing done-cbb desmoulinmichel kayhayen
201 4 months ago Problem no standalone executable generated windows (help wanted) chatting oscar.micheli kayhayen
212 4 months ago pywintypes: _win32sysloader done-cbb marc.jofre  
213 4 months ago There is problem when no ascii unicode unread duhan  
209 4 months ago Does nuitka support QtGui.QMovie ? chatting athrun kayhayen
180 4 months ago multiprocessing chatting marc.jofre  
191 4 months ago Nuitka breaks PyQt5 threads on python3 (help wanted) chatting hawk  
190 4 months ago Import socket, django, os, sys and memory RAM efficiency done-cbb marc.jofre  
207 4 months ago agw/aui chatting paulatcliffe  
169 5 months ago Standalone: import tables run ImportError: LoadLibraryEx done-cbb marc.jofre kayhayen
198 5 months ago Outside writes to builtiin names of a module are not taken into account chatting thimo kayhayen
183 5 months ago Standard library packages "__path__" are not lists, and not paths in standalone mode chatting alex_hu kayhayen
142 9 months ago wxPython not working (waiting for upstream) deferred bosmart bosmart
145 13 months ago Classes with Python3 prepared dictionaries are not immediately written to deferred kayhayen kayhayen
66 15 months ago write attributes of __builtin__ dont affect the same name in the global deferred nssh kayhayen
104 24 months ago Re-executing itself causes SyntaxError with compiled binaries (help wanted) done-cbb rmurri kayhayen
18 27 months ago No support for local variables in "func.func_code.co_varnames" in-progress kayhayen kayhayen
87 28 months ago no support for Py_GetArgcArgv deferred nssh  
52 30 months ago No support yet for detecting global builtin modifications deferred kayhayen kayhayen
85 30 months ago PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc not work? done-cbb nssh  
64 31 months ago PyThreadState->c_traceobj writeable in nuitka chatting nssh  
24 45 months ago If a called function sets no traceback, handlers of compiled functions will overwrite it. deferred kayhayen kayhayen
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