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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
421 1 week ago This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" chatting darkpenguin  
409 4 months ago No executable created with --windows-disable-console and PyQt chatting morefigs  
420 4 months ago --recurse-all and gevent leads into "No module named 'gevent.__hub_local'" chatting thecat  
416 5 months ago ImportError: Missing required dependencies chatting Jakub_Wys  
394 5 months ago Standalone build on Windows never finish unread anderspe  
309 11 months ago Standalone: Nuitka does not include stdlib that has no bytecode files chatting dmilinevskyi  
334 12 months ago Can't handle code with numba.jit() deferred CheeseLord  
393 12 months ago Memory leak: PyQt5 objects containing connected slots are never collected chatting univibe  
343 28 months ago Multiprocessing with ipyparallel unread CheeseLord  
324 30 months ago wxPython standalone application on OSX: Framework build unread jonaspf  
318 31 months ago openpyxl breaks standalone build chatting oyster oyster
297 36 months ago warnings module does not work after compilation chatting hean  
295 37 months ago Standalone on Linux with Anacaonda - no Python .so library in .dist folder testing jrenner  
291 37 months ago Linux PyQt5+QML standalone app chatting clitchi  
290 37 months ago compilation problem on windows with pygi module unread addierobotics  
289 37 months ago Scons config misses python binary under Anaconda in-progress kyzyl kayhayen
191 37 months ago Nuitka breaks PyQt5 threads on python3 (help wanted) chatting hawk  
285 38 months ago paramiko issue chatting hoangthehung kayhayen
275 38 months ago wampserver crashes at mid-execution: websocket issue? chatting  
267 40 months ago Nuitka fails to execute PySide applications using QAbstractTableModel chatting cryzed  
266 40 months ago Installing Nuitka using Python 3.4 in a virtualenv on Windows failed testing cryzed kayhayen
225 40 months ago Requests and SSL certificate errors deferred grippa kayhayen
241 41 months ago Standalone: fails to include required libs in chatting sgoodwin kayhayen
255 41 months ago Standalone built application looking for files in "//lib/python2.7/config/" unread initialed85  
124 42 months ago String concatenation Performance chatting jiamo kayhayen
247 42 months ago ImportError: No module named 'concurrent.futures._base' chatting dipeit  
226 42 months ago Problem with too complex code in idna.core module testing obeleh kayhayen
242 43 months ago Standalone: Problem on windows with pygobject testing alfazaz alfazaz
206 43 months ago Pyside Errors chatting carmelov kayhayen
239 43 months ago Script compiled by Nuitka is unable to interpret non ascii characters in command line arguments chatting davidbaack kayhayen
199 44 months ago Windows: Unknown error with mt.exe occurs. chatting jusan jusan
221 44 months ago Problem with nuitka and logging chatting ralsina  
198 48 months ago Outside writes to builtiin names of a module are not taken into account chatting thimo kayhayen
142 51 months ago wxPython not working (waiting for upstream) deferred bosmart bosmart
145 56 months ago Classes with Python3 prepared dictionaries are not immediately written to deferred kayhayen kayhayen
66 57 months ago write attributes of __builtin__ dont affect the same name in the global deferred nssh kayhayen
104 66 months ago Re-executing itself causes SyntaxError with compiled binaries (help wanted) done-cbb rmurri kayhayen
52 72 months ago No support yet for detecting global builtin modifications deferred kayhayen kayhayen
85 73 months ago PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc not work? done-cbb nssh  
64 73 months ago PyThreadState->c_traceobj writeable in nuitka chatting nssh  
24 87 months ago If a called function sets no traceback, handlers of compiled functions will overwrite it. deferred kayhayen kayhayen
413 6 months ago UnicodeDecodeError in-progress Roman  
400 10 months ago Mode between accelerated and standalone for local machine with source removed. chatting aluedo kayhayen
355 14 months ago undefined symbol: PyFPE_jbuf chatting thimo kayhayen
363 17 months ago Source code must be included, (SyntaxError: Non-UTF-8 code) deferred botanic kayhayen
365 22 months ago simple python program takes more than 29 minutes to compile unread flok  
357 24 months ago Error on first use on Xenial Ubuntu unread vincelewis1968  
349 26 months ago Clean up the dist folder unread Andre  
342 28 months ago Allow cross-intepreter compilation chatting Varriount kayhayen
328 29 months ago Feature: Consider adding option in nuitka for indicating Py2 path to be used by scons unread jmatos  
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