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170 yesterday Make the value of __file__ attributes relative for modules too. chatting thimo kayhayen
190 2 days ago Import os, sys and memory RAM efficiency chatting marc.jofre  
200 2 days ago Standalone missing parts of tkinter chatting joakimo kayhayen
192 2 days ago WindowsError compilation problem chatting fabe  
191 2 days ago Nuitka breaks PyQt5 threads on python3 (help wanted) chatting hawk  
189 2 days ago Standalone mode does not work on OSX with homebrew python chatting cbenhagen cbenhagen
186 2 days ago app will be crashed with --windows-disable-console (help wanted) chatting athrun  
201 2 days ago Problem no standalone executable generated windows (help wanted) chatting oscar.micheli kayhayen
199 2 days ago Windows: Unknown error with mt.exe occurs. chatting jusan kayhayen
180 3 days ago multiprocessing chatting marc.jofre  
169 2 weeks ago Standalone: import tables run ImportError: LoadLibraryEx done-cbb marc.jofre kayhayen
195 2 weeks ago Windows: The MSI files hard code Python install path like Python34_32 chatting svnpenn kayhayen
198 2 weeks ago Outside writes to builtiin names of a module are not taken into account chatting thimo kayhayen
183 3 weeks ago Standard library packages "__path__" are not lists, and not paths in standalone mode chatting alex_hu kayhayen
124 1 month ago String concatenation Performance done-cbb jiamo kayhayen
142 3 months ago wxPython not working (waiting for upstream) deferred bosmart bosmart
164 3 months ago WinPython: The zope package is not working. done-cbb marc.jofre kayhayen
145 8 months ago Classes with Python3 prepared dictionaries are not immediately written to deferred kayhayen kayhayen
66 10 months ago write attributes of __builtin__ dont affect the same name in the global deferred nssh kayhayen
104 19 months ago Re-executing itself causes SyntaxError with compiled binaries (help wanted) done-cbb rmurri kayhayen
18 22 months ago No support for local variables in "func.func_code.co_varnames" in-progress kayhayen kayhayen
87 23 months ago no support for Py_GetArgcArgv deferred nssh  
52 24 months ago No support yet for detecting global builtin modifications deferred kayhayen kayhayen
85 25 months ago PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc not work? done-cbb nssh  
64 26 months ago PyThreadState->c_traceobj writeable in nuitka chatting nssh  
24 40 months ago If a called function sets no traceback, handlers of compiled functions will overwrite it. deferred kayhayen kayhayen
193 2 weeks ago Python scripts which call other Python scripts. chatting saslanbeigi kayhayen
167 2 weeks ago WinPython nuitka Python scripts Example:PYTHONPATH and nuitka command chatting marc.jofre  
204 2 days ago Check for resource limits that might cause compilation to fail. unread kayhayen  
172 2 days ago MacOS: could avoid compiling constant.cpp (help wanted) deferred thimo  
185 1 week ago missing chrpath should be noticed earlier deferred smil3y  
21 10 months ago Runtime warnings from CPython modules can have wrong line numbers attached. deferred kayhayen  
3 10 months ago exec/eval with constant arguments is not inlined deferred kayhayen kayhayen
17 11 months ago No support for "func.func_code.co_consts" deferred kayhayen  
121 14 months ago Support information hiding in resulting binary deferred kapsule kayhayen
22 18 months ago No support for "func.func_code.co_codelines" deferred kayhayen  
67 25 months ago define a dedicated optimized module instead constant of builtin chatting nssh kayhayen
23 32 months ago The "func.func_code" and "func.func_defaults" are not writable. testing kayhayen kayhayen
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