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124 1 month ago String concatenation Performance in-progress jiamo kayhayen
131 yesterday undefined symbol: _PyTrash_thread_destroy_chain testing thimo kayhayen
130 yesterday Syntax error on "yield from" when compiling in virtualenv chatting ABR kayhayen
127 1 week ago fatal error C1026: parser stack overflow, program too complex chatting bosmart kayhayen
129 1 week ago CRASH: TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting testing bosmart kayhayen
126 2 weeks ago Standalone built in virtualenv dies with “No such file or directory” done-cbb brandon kayhayen
125 3 weeks ago UnicodeDecodeError occurs when executes nuitka. unread upontu  
123 2 months ago nuitka _swapFiber not found OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks in-progress fpbhb kayhayen
117 3 months ago Error when building standalone executable which depends on wxPython chatting mongoose_q kayhayen
66 5 months ago write attributes of __builtin__ dont affect the same name in the global deferred nssh kayhayen
104 6 months ago Re-executing itself causes SyntaxError with compiled binaries (help wanted) done-cbb rmurri kayhayen
5 6 months ago execfile cannot be used as an expression (help wanted) chatting 1989lzhh  
18 10 months ago No support for local variables in "func.func_code.co_varnames" in-progress kayhayen kayhayen
62 10 months ago object delete timing different from CPython deferred nssh kayhayen
87 10 months ago no support for Py_GetArgcArgv deferred nssh  
90 11 months ago problem with PyQt4 "Hello world" testing gour kayhayen
52 12 months ago No support yet for detecting global builtin modifications deferred kayhayen kayhayen
85 12 months ago PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc not work? done-cbb nssh  
64 13 months ago PyThreadState->c_traceobj writeable in nuitka chatting nssh  
45 20 months ago Local functions that reference themselves as closure are never freed deferred kayhayen kayhayen
24 27 months ago If a called function sets no traceback, handlers of compiled functions will overwrite it. deferred kayhayen kayhayen
21 27 months ago Runtime warnings from CPython modules can have wrong line numbers attached. deferred kayhayen  
17 1 week ago Summary Command #9822 deferred kayhayen  
121 2 months ago Support information hiding in resulting binary deferred kapsule kayhayen
105 3 months ago true static linking of python interpreter and (some) native extensions deferred umbra kayhayen
20 5 months ago The "repr" of compiled types has a prefix "compiled_" that causes checks on "repr()" output to fail deferred kayhayen  
3 6 months ago exec/eval with constant arguments is not inlined deferred kayhayen kayhayen
22 6 months ago No support for "func.func_code.co_codelines" deferred kayhayen  
91 9 months ago I'm looking for a Twisted example chatting obeleh kayhayen
9 9 months ago In tracebacks Nuitka uses start of call line, whereas CPython uses end of call line (help wanted) in-progress kayhayen kayhayen
69 13 months ago add an option warning user exception found by static analysis done-cbb nssh kayhayen
67 13 months ago define a dedicated optimized module instead constant of builtin chatting nssh kayhayen
23 19 months ago The "func.func_code" and "func.func_defaults" are not writable. testing kayhayen kayhayen
11 26 months ago Use the XML dumps to detect regressions in Nuitka optimizations done-cbb kayhayen kayhayen
25 27 months ago No support for "func.func_closure" deferred kayhayen  
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