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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
124 2 months ago String concatenation Performance in-progress jiamo kayhayen
153 2 days ago Syntax errors when installing from pypi using a Python3.4 interpreter testing carlopires kayhayen
144 2 weeks ago MemoryError on Windows - 32bit Python testing mmesnjak mmesnjak
155 3 weeks ago Windows generated .exe gives message "has stopped working" chatting shaohua199 kayhayen
154 3 weeks ago Python2: The exec statement writes to locals() if given explicitely unread kayhayen kayhayen
151 1 month ago Disabling the console on windows builds will hang the application chatting seothomas kayhayen
147 1 month ago Cannot find '' as relative or absolute import testing jacky kayhayen
150 1 month ago Python3.4: Classes must not prefer closure variables over locals values deferred kayhayen kayhayen
149 1 month ago Python3.4: Classes with functions that have "__" prefixed arguments are not mangled properly deferred kayhayen  
142 1 month ago wxPython standalone not working on Windows chatting bosmart bosmart
145 2 months ago Classes with Python3 prepared dictionaries are not immediately written to deferred kayhayen kayhayen
125 2 months ago UnicodeDecodeError occurs when executes nuitka (help wanted) chatting upontu upontu
66 3 months ago write attributes of __builtin__ dont affect the same name in the global deferred nssh kayhayen
104 12 months ago Re-executing itself causes SyntaxError with compiled binaries (help wanted) done-cbb rmurri kayhayen
18 16 months ago No support for local variables in "func.func_code.co_varnames" in-progress kayhayen kayhayen
87 16 months ago no support for Py_GetArgcArgv deferred nssh  
52 18 months ago No support yet for detecting global builtin modifications deferred kayhayen kayhayen
85 19 months ago PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc not work? done-cbb nssh  
64 19 months ago PyThreadState->c_traceobj writeable in nuitka chatting nssh  
45 26 months ago Local functions that reference themselves as closure are never freed deferred kayhayen kayhayen
24 33 months ago If a called function sets no traceback, handlers of compiled functions will overwrite it. deferred kayhayen kayhayen
21 3 months ago Runtime warnings from CPython modules can have wrong line numbers attached. deferred kayhayen  
25 3 months ago No support for "func.func_closure" deferred kayhayen kayhayen
3 3 months ago exec/eval with constant arguments is not inlined deferred kayhayen kayhayen
17 4 months ago No support for "func.func_code.co_consts" deferred kayhayen  
121 8 months ago Support information hiding in resulting binary deferred kapsule kayhayen
22 12 months ago No support for "func.func_code.co_codelines" deferred kayhayen  
69 19 months ago add an option warning user exception found by static analysis done-cbb nssh kayhayen
67 19 months ago define a dedicated optimized module instead constant of builtin chatting nssh kayhayen
23 25 months ago The "func.func_code" and "func.func_defaults" are not writable. testing kayhayen kayhayen
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