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msg1504 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2015-09-06.21:19:10
I worked on the qt-plugins module somewhat, and I figure it should try and make the user choose 
one of PyQt4, PyQt5, or PySide, so as to avoid massive duplication of code and conflicts.

This almost looks generic, as there must be more such cases, where code will use one or the
other module commonly, but not both.

For this I will need plugin options, which need a bit of a good idea how to do them. With these, 
there will be perfection. Making sure a module is not found (force assuming ImportError), might 
be as simple as pre-seeding the import cache with that error for the other ones.

Then it will be slightly different to normal operation, but that should be OK.

As the plugin interface is making big progress, it still lives on factory, but I hope to make 
the next pre-release contain this.

msg1500 (view) Author: marc.jofre Date: 2015-09-05.16:27:56
Hi all,

With latest nuitka version 0.5.15pre1. When compiling in standalone mode, as Kay 
suggested, I include the --recurse-not-to=PySide. In this way, the dlls 
dependency walkers runs smoothly also for PyQt4:

Nuitka:INFO:Copying all Qt plug-ins to 'D:\SixSensoCompilation\cytometer\ExeWebB
msg1393 (view) Author: marc.jofre Date: 2015-08-01.16:12:04

With latest nuitka version 0.5.14pre7

The nuitka compilation message points out conflicting dlls for PySide:
Nuitka:INFO:Copying all Qt plug-ins to 'D:\SixSensoCompilation\cytometer\ExeWebB
Error, conflicting DLLs for 'qtsvg4.dll'.
 used by:
different from
l used by
msg1263 (view) Author: carmelov Date: 2015-05-05.07:33:24
Ok. Thank you in advance, because I really like nuitka to its potential
msg1262 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2015-05-05.05:13:36
I suspect that PySide has much like PyQt plugins too, and that they are not 
integrated. PySide currently also requires many patches to work with compiled 
functions for callbacks.

I am going to raise your issue on the mailing list, where some people are 
successful with PySide.
msg1259 (view) Author: carmelov Date: 2015-05-04.15:04:35
The attached file is completed in about 2 hours in my ASUS T300 (SSD, 4GB RAM, 
i7) where I installed winpython, visual studio 2013 community edition, and 
nuitka, with errors, which do not occur in the program is not completed:

All the files *.png in a subdirectory nammed "res"

1) does not display the splash screen

2) but if I move to the second option of the menu bar where it says "Wall 

QAccessibleWidget :: rect: This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 
  unknown for QMenuBar)

3) if I press the second button on the toolbar I get the following error 4 times

TypeError: valoricambiati () takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)

4) even if I press on any spin, I get a line of the type referred to in 
paragraph 3

You can overcome?

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