Title Standalone: Fails with reportlab fails, compilation regressed in 0.5.14
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msg1507 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2015-09-07.08:20:02
Released as, packages are building.
msg1505 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2015-09-06.22:34:34

there is a branch hotfix/ in the offical git repository which addresses it. 
The standalone usage of reportlab seems OK with that. I am running the tests over 
the backport of the missing optimization for the C error. Then this will become an 
official release.

The issue was not windows specific, removed that tag.

msg1502 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2015-09-06.09:32:05
My current working code was not affected by the C error, probably because it has 
seen major optimization changes. I did resolve the implicit import missing in 
the plugin code, basically this does it:

        elif full_name == "reportlab.rl_config":
            yield "reportlab.rl_settings"

Can you check it out, and tell me if you find more issues?

msg1497 (view) Author: brds Date: 2015-09-03.07:25:10

I'm trying to test standalone mode with reportlab.

Windows 7 64 bits
Python 3.4.3 32 bits

Reportlab installed with pip (pip install reportlab)

Mingw64 5.1 32 bits

nuitka --standalone --python-version=3.4 --mingw --lto --output-dir=.\distri

Here is the sample :

import reportlab.pdfgen.canvas, reportlab.lib.pagesizes, reportlab.lib.utils

c = reportlab.pdfgen.canvas.Canvas("foo.pdf",

c.drawString(40, 572, "Hello !")

With Nuikta the compiler complains and create an executable but I have
to copy reportlab directory (from Lib/site-packages) in executable location.

With Nuitka 0.5.14 the compiler raises an error :
label 'frame_exception_exit_1' used but not defined.

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