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msg1834 (view) Author: clitchi Date: 2016-02-18.07:54:40
Here is result of find / -name :
msg1832 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2016-02-17.06:48:17
I will have to check out my Arch virtual machine, but I don't have analyze_dxp in 
my system, a Debian package search gives me this:

python3.4-examples: /usr/share/doc/python3.4/examples/scripts/

This is something that should not be considered by standalone packaging of course, 
and would be a grave mistake to include.

Can you tell me the exact path of "" on your system, aka 
find / -name

I currently suspect that on Arch maybe "Tools" contents is installed below where 
the standard library also lives. That would be easy to fix, we already ignore a 
couple of folders there. Just need to know what it is.

msg1831 (view) Author: clitchi Date: 2016-02-16.15:26:59
Ok. I want build some minimal standalone app on PyQt5+QML. Used this command:
nuitka --recurse-all --recurse-stdlib --portable
In logs I noticed row: b"RuntimeError: Can't import analyze_dxp: Python built 
And I really don't want rebuild my python on arch, as many developers. Too much 
libs for install and problems. So, can nuitka work without dynamic execution 
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