Title Miss all the pictures after compile
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msg2318 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2018-03-14.11:23:00
Closing for lack of feedback.
msg2249 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2017-10-17.13:34:20
Did you try to enable the PyQt plugin as indicated during compilation?

The last release also improved the scan for needed shared libraries. It's quite 
likely that this could also be the root cause.

So please retry and report again.
msg1949 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2016-08-16.10:33:35

are you using the qt plugin as suggested by Nuitka? Without plugins standalone 
mode won't carry the Qt plugins.

msg1926 (view) Author: Baymax Date: 2016-05-17.08:21:50
can not display all the pictures after compile the package into a .exe program.
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