Title Apparent failure when building --standalone
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msg1972 (view) Author: khau2 Date: 2016-09-18.00:15:19
Apologies for the delay - spam folder ate my emails.

Apparently, it was in a different folder from what I had thought it deposited
the completed build. My apologies!
msg1968 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2016-09-13.16:53:33
This is bizarre. What is the exit code?

msg1967 (view) Author: khau2 Date: 2016-09-13.10:13:13
Apparently failure of nuitka when compiling with the following flags:

nuitka --python-flag=no_site --verbose ---show-scons -standalone --show-memory
--enhanced --show-progress --show-modules --lto --output-dir=<output dir>
<python file>

It seems to terminate without warning or error.  Attached is a compressed log.

System information:
  Arch Linux kernel x86_64
  GCC 6.2.1

Thank you!
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