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Created on 2017-03-12.10:57:21 by desfrenes, last changed by kayhayen.

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msg2327 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2018-03-14.13:41:31
Lack of feedback, ought to be good now.
msg2193 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2017-07-19.10:28:20
I am adding that real_prefix for the next release, please try it out then. It 
currently lives on factory.
msg2134 (view) Author: desfrenes Date: 2017-03-12.19:23:48
No crash with your command:

(myenv) Mickael-Desfrenes:Oe2sSLE-taquet mickaeldesfrenes$ which python
(myenv) Mickael-Desfrenes:Oe2sSLE-taquet mickaeldesfrenes$ python --version
Python 3.5.3
(myenv) Mickael-Desfrenes:Oe2sSLE-taquet mickaeldesfrenes$ python -s -c "import 
sys;sys.real_prefix='/';import distutils.core"
(myenv) Mickael-Desfrenes:Oe2sSLE-taquet mickaeldesfrenes$
msg2133 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2017-03-12.17:03:10
Thanks, seems Python3.5 and distutils won't work without the "site" module, which Nuitka 
on purpose is not using when scanning standard library.

We already need to catch ImportError and SyntaxError. But not AttributeError. I think it 
goes to far to ignore those too, so we need a workaround.

Can you try this:

python3.5 -s -c "import sys;sys.real_prefix='/';import distutils.core"

and tell me if that crashes too? If that works for you, we could fake a real_prefix and 
be good.

msg2132 (view) Author: desfrenes Date: 2017-03-12.10:57:20
Python 3.5, MacOSX. Trying to compile this package (dependent on tktinter and pyaudio):

Got message:

Nuitka:WARNING:There is a problem with detecting imports, CPython said:
Error, please report the issue with above output.

So here it is. reported.
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