Title Does not detect if standalone binary is missing environment
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msg2237 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2017-10-17.11:47:36
However, now that I look, it seems you did not run it from the ".dist" 
directory, which I wonder if Nuitka should detect that user error of yours. Do 
not use "--standalone", if you want mere acceleration, otherwise copy that build 
"myapp.dist" and run it from there. Ought to work.
msg2225 (view) Author: alpa_cino Date: 2017-09-08.13:39:40
Compile command:
nuitka --standalone
msg2218 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2017-08-29.17:51:48
What command did you use to compile.

msg2212 (view) Author: alpa_cino Date: 2017-08-17.13:54:58
Nuitka version:0.5.27 x64
Python: 3.62 x64
OS: Win 7 x64
Compiler: MinGW v5.0.2 x64

Nuitka compiles source file, but application failes to start:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "d:\", line 10, in <module>
    from lxml import etree as ET
ImportError: LoadLibraryEx 'd:\lxml\etree.pyd' failed
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