Title ImportError: Missing required dependencies
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msg2549 (view) Author: Jakub_Wys Date: 2018-10-01.15:39:58
Sorry for late answer, I was on sickleave. I was trying to implement what is
written in the issue that you've sent. Unfortunately it didn't work. I get
anyway same error.
msg2533 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2018-09-22.14:33:36
I have researched this some. Please follow it here, issue tracking is on GH, you 
probably found the one remaining link on the web site that I just fixed.
msg2532 (view) Author: kayhayen Date: 2018-09-20.06:42:49
I recall that pkg_resources checks for installed dependencies has caused issues 
in the past, but I am not sure right now, if that is supposed to still be the 

But I will look into it.

msg2531 (view) Author: Jakub_Wys Date: 2018-09-19.14:23:56
I'm calling:
c:\python\python.exe -m nuitka --standalone --recurse-all
c:\program_dir\ --output-dir c:\output_dir --remove-output
--windows-icon c:\the_icon.ico

While calling generated file I got following error:
File "C:\output_dir\program.dist\pandas\, in <module pandas>
ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy']

In that location there is no
On Stackoverflow I found that someone had similar problem and it was solved by
pip installing each of the libraries, not by dependency (like pandas installs
numpy because it uses it). So I did it, but the error does not change. 

If it connects I have dependency walker in suggested location
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